About Us



My Business Network provides a consolidated A-Z website for businesses to market and showcase everyday services and commodities for sale. We advertise our network through organizations, social media, radio and print media to drive potential customers to the businesses listed in our directory.
In order to be competitive, businesses must have a presence on the internet.  We offer our website as a medium for businesses to get exposure and attract new customers.

MBN's directory supports the entire Maryland business community.  In an effort to increase equity and fairness with underserved minority businesses, MBN allows the following searchable designations.
  •    MOB (Minority Owned Business)
  •    WOB (Woman Owned Business)
  •    DBE Certified
  •    MBE Certified
  •    WBE Certified
Thank you for your patronage with our community based directory.  You can help support us by clicking our shared links (pictured below) on the side or bottom of your page and promote our businesses via social media and other platforms.